Біздің жеңістеріміз!

ХАТУ студенттері екінші «Айбын» республикалық әскери-патриоттық жиынында екі бірінші орынды алды.

Жариялау күні :05-07-2016

The gathering was attended by more than 800 representatives of Kazakhstani youth: inmates of boarding schools, military patriotic clubs, cadets of military departments of universities, among whom there were the students of the International University of Information Technology.


Also there was a competition "My Robot" where more than 30 robotic products were demonstrated. Danila Drozdov, the student of IITU took the first place in the nomination "Me and my flying machine". He introduced the unmanned aircraft complex "Sunkar 4M", created for aerial photograph, video shooting and a real-time monitoring of the ground objects. In the competition, the participants had to be quick due to a time limit. Those participants who were able to keep the drone in the airspace and pass all the obstacles without falling were identified as the winners.

Another IITU student, Dastan Rakhatov, became the winner in the nomination "The Best Project and the Best Technical Documentation", presenting his project called "The Security System" Naiza". The security system "Naiza" is a system that is designed to protect especially important military facilities, delivering sound warnings and signals, in case of any violations.

All the projects were successfully presented to the First Deputy Minister of Defense - Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Colonel-General Saken Zhasuzakov.

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