International Information Technology University during 2016-2017 is undergoing international institutional accreditation procedures. In February 2017 I received the Certificate of International Institutional Accreditation issued by the Accreditation Commission of ASIIN, Germany.
Today IITU is the first university in Kazakhstan, which has received international recognition - institutional accreditation!
Accreditation of IITU means that ASIIN has evaluated the quality of university activities and recognized compliance with European standards and criteria. It  means that we create transparent educational programs and ensure their diversity, try to be international and correspond to international higher education institutions, improve the competitiveness of our graduates in the world labor market.
It was a difficult process for the entire university staff, since there is no experience of such accreditation in any university of the country. Involvement of all faculty, staff, all students, graduates and employers in the work on a thorough analysis of their activities, starting from strategic tasks, fulfilling the mission of the university, ending with the specific individual task of each member of the team, work on quality assurance, increasing the commitment of each member the collective values ​​of the university, as well as the culture of quality, gave its results at the expertise, which was carried out by the ASIIN expert commission. 
The highly professional commission of ASIIN agency, recognizing the maturity of the International Information Technology University, accredited us for one year with the condition of fulfilling 9 requirements expressed in the Commission's Decision.

Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan