IITU Innovations

IITU Innovation


Our mission is to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based start-up companies and to increase the number of successful companies founded by our students and faculty.

Goal - the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at the university, by providing practical support to ambitious enterprises and start-ups to achieve success.

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  • Build student entrepreneurial skills and new ventures to facilitate the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at university;

  • Help emerging companies gain access to mentors, training, shared space, capital and other services;

  • Bolster the local business ecosystem and create links between the university and industry to improve courses’ curriculums and prepare industry-demand diploma projects;

  • Consulting, support and assistance in the support of scientific and educational activities of teaching staff and university staff.

IITU Innovation provides a suitable environment for housing technology-based startups. We offer facilities, support services, knowledge of the market, knowledge of technologies and their legal aspects, and access of funding sources, aiming to leverage existing resources and foster synergy among the companies. We provide the wide scope of resources and facilities to assist the startups ranging from prototype development to learning how to commercialize technological ideas, bridging the gap between academia and industry to providing the platform to industry as well in resolving their issues by providing the effective solutions.

To achieve university’s strategic plan objectives we suggest to focus on three actions. Firstly, increase the supply of courses and disciplines on Entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurs lack managerial and financial attributes, which is a strong barrier for the development of consistent business plans. The second action is a stronger effort to transfer academic research results, with incubators working together with Department of commercialization, which is responsible for patenting technologies generated in universities. A more proactive attitude regarding faculty and students, both undergraduate and graduate, could identify research results and conclusion papers, dissertations and theses with a high probability of application, thus creating an entrepreneurial culture and valuing technology transfer from the university. For example, two projects came from academic research - Smart bus station “EcoStation” and Starbus (Public transport evaluation service are successfully implemented in city’s infrastructure.

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And the third action would be to expand incubators’ capacity, allowing us to receive more companies. Most of our space have little room for incubation – between five and 10 ventures per year. Therefore, from the beginning of 2018 we will move to a new space, which would be x6 timer larger than the current space.

We put more effort in the promotion of entrepreneurship itself and in their own performance as incubators than in the transfer of academic research results to spin-off companies. We have vision of academic spin-offs as a relevant channel to transfer technologies developed in a public environment to the market. In the absence of this channel, these technologies will have no commercial use.

C:\Users\pintymakova\Desktop\Для Саятбека\Наука и инновации\16684230_185578375258831_1214664161544290276_n.jpg e starting force, then, is the entrepreneur, operating in a national and international environment, moving to overcome obstacles to create a successful knowledge- based business

We have database of more than 70 projects which are incubating at IITU innovation center, each 1/8 of university’s students involve in entrepreneurship activities (hackathons, acceleration and incubation program).

Our faculty staff have also do research on the base of grant funding. Three projects of faculty won scientific grants for 2015-2017.

Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan