АЖ мамандығы бойынша PhD докторантураның қабылдау емтиханының бағдарламасы

ЕТБЖ мамандығы бойынша PhD докторантураның қабылдау емтиханының бағдарламасы

PhD докторантура мамандықтары бойынша емтихандар кестесі

Халықаралық ақпараттық технологиялар университеті


 Наименование специальностей


 Время/ Аудитория


 6D07400 -  Вычислительная техника и программное обеспечение


 с 10.00

9 этаж - 907 ауд.


 6D07300 - Информационные системы


 с 10.00 9 этаж - 907 ауд.

PhD doctoralDegree



PhD DEGREE: in the direction of preparation:

   6D070400 – Computer Systems and Software Engineering

   6D070300  – Information Systems


Applicants may apply for State Educational Grants  or tuition-based studies.


Application deadlines: 11 Jule to 30 July.


Entrance examination: 10 – 20 August


Enrollment deadline:  25 August



Admission procedure for students, who apply for postgraduate study to IITU


1. Admission to a PhD program requires holding a specialized higher education Diploma (a Bachelor degree and master’s).

2. Admission to a master’s program requires the following supporting documents:


1) Application to the Rector of IITU;

2)  Diploma of higher education and master’s with transcripts;

3) certificate of test delivery program, with the in the presence of Common European Framework (Standards) Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having international certificates certifying ownership of a foreign language in accordance with the Common European Framework (standards) of language proficiency are exempted from entrance examination in a foreign language to master's and doctoral studies in the following exams:

English: Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm (TOEFL ITP – at least 460 points), Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm Internet-based Test (TOEFL IBT, threshold score – at least 87 points), (TOEFL threshold score – at least 560 points), International English Language Tests System (IELTS, threshold score – at least 6.0 points);

German: Deutsche Sprachprufung fur den Hochschulzugang (DSH, Niveau С1/ level С1), TestDaFPrufung

(Niveau C1/level С1);

French: Test de Franзais International™ (TFI – not less than B1 for reading and listening), Diplome d'Etudes en Langue francaise (DELF, level В2), Diplome Approfondi de Languefrancaise (DALF, level С1), Тest de connaissance du francais (TCF – not less than 400 points).

5) in the presence of personal form of accounting personnel and proof of labor activity;

6) 6 photos (3x4cm);

7) Health certificate (on Form No.086-U);

8) Copy of identity card;

9) Certified list/ transcript of your research studies (if available).

10) CV;

11)Payment receipt for English Language Test. Payment is transferred to the account of National Testing Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republican State Enterprise at any branch of Narodnyi Bank of Kazakhstan


010011,  60 Pobedy Av, Astana, Kazakhstan

TRN 600300086081

IIC KZ536010111000001515


BIN 000140001853 KБе 16

Astana Regional Branch N0 119900 of Narodnyi Bank of Kazakhstan


12) list of documents.


Besides copies of applicants’ documents (listed above), the original documents must be provided for verification. After verification originals are returned.  The list above of required documents may be expanded if necessary.


Entrance Examination Procedure


 Applicants applying for State Educational Grant undergo entrance examination including:

1) English language test

2) Professional examination



Enrollment Procedure


1.  Office of admissions enrolls students to PhD programm.

2.The students may receive State Educational Grant if they score at least 150 points in Foreign Language Test and Professional Examination (on the100 points grading scale for each examination/test).

The students may receive a State Educational Grant if they obtain the highest results in the entrance examination (at least 150 points out of 100 according to the Attachment hereto)

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan presenting acknowledged foreign language test certificates (English, French, German) stated in p.4 of these Policies get the top results on the 100 points grading scale 

In case of identical language test scores the students with higher results in the professional examination have priority in enrollment to PhD programm; in case of identical test score in the professional examination the students with higher results in Kazakh, Russian and foreign language examination have priority in enrollment. Subsequently scientific achievements in the relevant field are taken into consideration.





Transfer system of marks on a 100-point rating scale


Marks on a 100-point rating scale

Points on a 4-point rating scale


Excellent (5)



Good (4)




Satisfactory (3)






Unsatisfactory (2)





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