Bachelor academic program includes no less than 129 credits of theoretical study, no less than 6 credits of internship, 8 credits of physical education, no less than 2 credits for writing and presentation of a diploma paper (project) and no less than 1 credit for preparing and passing state examination by major, no less 146 credits in total. Academic year consists of two terms of academic instruction and additional summer term. A term or academic period, is divided into mid- and end-of-term examinations. Educational process is organized in two shifts; an academic hour is a 50 minute class.

Bachelor programs

 № Cipher  Name  Courses
 1 5B070300  Information systems Technical science and technologies 
 2 5B070400 Computer systems and software engineering Technical science and technologies
 3 5B070500 Mathematical and computer modeling Technical science and technology
 4 5B071900 Radio engineering electronics and telecommunications Technical science and technology
 5 5B050400 Electronic journalism Social science and business
 6 5B050700 IT management Social science and business
 7 5B050900 IT finance Social science and business
 8 5B060200 Computer science Natural science
 9 5B100200 Information security systems Warfare and security


Prerequisite and post-requisite

Prerequisite and post-requisite is a requirement by which students have to complete a study of a specific subject before or after another specified course starts.
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