To college graduates entering IITU:

Dear college graduates! You have a good opportunity to enter IITU short-term programs in the following specialties:


5В050700 – IT Management

5В050900 – IT Finance

5В060200 – Informatics

5В070300 – Information Systems

5B100200 -  Information security systems 

5В070400 – Computer Science and Software Engineering

55В07000 – Mathematical and Computer Modeling

5В071900 – Radio Technology, Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications

 5В050400 – Journalism



Persons with technical and professional secondary education (colleges) shall be admitted to Universities based on complex testing in related specialties on a self-paid basis.

College graduates with higher CT scores may compete for national grants, covering the cost of four years of undergraduate training in the chosen specialty.

List of related specialties is approved by the authorized educational agency (see Correspondence table)

Applications for participation in CT shall be filed with the Admission Committee from 1st of June to 20th of July.


To take a CT, an applicant shall submit to the Admission Committee the following documents:

  1. An application of the established format
  2. Original of the diploma or school leaving certificate
  3. Receipt of payment for testing
  4. 8 pictures, 3x4 size
  5. 086-Y Medical certificate
  6. 2 copies of identity card

CT is conducted from 17 to 22 of July

CT is conducted in Kazakh or Russian (as the applicant wishes) in four subjects: Kazakh or Russian (language of instruction), History of Kazakhstan, Mathematics, the elective.

CT lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes and may not be retaken.

IITU Admission Committee accepts the application letter for creative specialty 5В050400 - Journalism  from the 20th of June to the 9th of July

Applicants for electronic journalism shall specify only one specialty.

Applicants for electronic journalism shall take 2 creative exams (essay and interview).

Creative exam for specialty 5В050400 – Journalism – shall be in the Russian language for the Russian speaking applicants or in the Kazakh language for the Kazakh speaking applicants. The creative exam is conducted in form of an essay and orally.

The creative exam shall be conducted from the 10th to the 7th of July.

The maximum amount of points for each creative exam shall be 40.

People receiving less than 20 points for the creative exam or those who have not taken it, may not take the complex test for taking up the specialty.

The creative exam may not be retaken.

With the Journalism applicants, the grades for two tested subjects shall be taken into account: the History of Kazakhstan and literacy of reading.


Enrollment to IITU

Admitted to IITU on a self-paid basis shall be secondary school leavers who have passed UNT and the Complex Test, and have scored not less than 65 points in the following subjects:

The State or the Russian language (language of tuition), History of Kazakhstan, Mathematics and one elective discipline, including not less than 5 points for the profile subject (not less than 20 for each creative exam), and not less than 5 points for the rest of the subjects apiece.

People who apply for studying on a self-paid basis or take part in the competition for the Grant may do so unless they have got less than 5 points for any subject passed within the framework of the UNT or Complex Testing.


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            Address: 050040 Almaty, 34 «А»/8 «А» Manas Str./Zhandosov Str.


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