Research Work of Lecturers

Research work is based on the approved annual plan in the following areas, which are:

- conducting research on applied topics, master's and doctoral theses

- publication of scientific articles;

- participation in scientific conferences;

- scientific research of graduate students.

Applied topics from NC STI RK (National Center of Scientific Technical Information Kazakhstan) were approved and formed part of the   research work of the Department, for example «The Use of Innovative Educational Technologies in Teaching Economic and Socio-humanities» and «Cost-effectiveness of IT», is one of the research work carried out by the Department.

Research study on «Economic Efficiency of IT» includes:

- Research article «Mobile Banking and Electronic Commerce in the Kazakhstani Economy»; received an invitation to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Management and Artificial Intelligence (ICMAI2013)   on 8-9 April, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand. The research article was published in International Proceeding of Economics Development and Research, vol. 63. Publisher: IACSIT Press. ISBN-13:978-981-07-5748-9. Posted on Engineering Technology Digital Library.

- Department took part in the International Conference in Singapore «Business Management & Information Systems (ICBMIS2012)» 22-24 November 2012. The research report on «Role of IT in Development of Business in Kazakhstan and Central Asia» was presented and published in Proceedings of International Conference on Business Management & IS; 2012: Proceedings of Conference on Business Management & IS can be viewedat

Teaching staff completed work on «Recommendations for providing comprehensive e-business services to the population through the development of ICT». According to a survey, there were research articles submitted at the international conferences and published in international journals:

- article abstract in a book of abstracts and the program of the World Conference: Business, Economics and Management 25-28 April, 2013, Antalya, Turkey

- accepted for publication in a top-rated magazine Elsevier «The Emerging Digital Economy: Case of Kazakhstan».

- received interest in this study and accepted an invitation to the publication of articles: China-USA Business Review (ISSN 1537-1514) and Chinese Business Review (ISSN 1537-1506).

Lecturers of the Department prepare personnel for the Republic of Kazakhstan on postgraduate education program «Master of Science» in «Project Management».

Teaching staff perform research investigations in the field of economics, management and project management to get a degree of Doctor of Philosophy at any universities of Kazakhstan, including the Czech Republic and Malaysia respectively.

Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan