1. «Internet as the preventive anti-extremism tool: analytical research»

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2. «Role of ICT in the Development of Ecological Journalism»

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3. «Media Culture as a Key Component of National Identity»

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4. «Journalism Education: a Global Perspective»

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5. «Globalization and Journalism: Main Trends»

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6. «Multi Media Journalism in Convergent Editing»

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7. «Advancement of Education for Sustainable Development in the Higher Education System of Kazakhstan»

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8. «The role of information and communication technologies in the development of environmental journalism»

Нурмуханбетова Г.А.

9. «Development of Nano-capsulated Form of Alfa-Lipoic Acid and Investigation of its Biological and Pharmacological Properties»

Кольбай И.

The title of the Project: New technologies in media and informative education of Kazakhstan : formation of the national media space.

The title of the scientific research themes (special areas) that are the subject of the competition: Priority 5: Fundamental and applied research in the field of socio-economic sciences and humanities Subpriority 5.1.3. To-date social problems and social and human sciences and interdisciplinary studies.

 project launch - January 1, 2015; project end - December 31, 2017.

    Summary and aims of the Project:

Project summary: Development of new technologies and their introduction of media education in information culture; preparation of a draft concept of media literacy; promotion of the idea that media - is one way to develop a national information and education policy, development of media culture and identity formation of the national media space of Kazakhstan.

Aim of the Project: On the agenda in this researchstudy raised the question of the development of information and communication technologies impact on the public as a tool of analysis, determine the immediate future and the effective implementation of information and communication processes toincrease the intellectual capacity and the formation of an intellectual nation of Kazakhstan.

Tasks of the Project:

- Comparative analysis of media space of Kazakhstan and some of the most developed countries in order to compile a complete picture of the level of information literacy as an essential component of the national education and information policy.

- Development of current educational technologies to improve media literacy.

- Implementation of a variety of training and self-learning, information, cultural technologies in the educational process for the development of media culture of society;

- Research media content sources to identify thematic and ideological-psychological orientation in the course of development of intellectual society.

- Development of available educational online resources to educate demanding irrelevant to the choice of information sources.

- Determination of the dynamics media sources influence on public consciousness in the sphere of values, spiritual and social orientation, depending on the socio-political parameters.

- Creation of special training programs and manuals for higher education by developing the media culture and informative literacy.

- Development of scientific and methodological basis of the need to improve media culture society.

- Involvement of scientists and trainers to improve literacy in countries which have implemented the program informative education

making a course to improve mediaculture of people with using of new information technologies

Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan