The mission of the Department of Languages is to engage in high-quality methodological research, to promote effective language acquisition and develop communication skills of future IT specialists, to ensure their successful integration into the national and international professional community and the development of national science and economy.

The study of Languages has never been more relevant than in today’s world of globalization, which saw the rise of outsourced work, international connectivity, and other areas of multicultural exchange, at once requiring excellent communicative skills in English as well as state (Kazakh) and Russian languages.

The IITU Department of Languages was established in September 2010 with the aim to raise the quality of training the students - future IT specialists. It strives to meet  the organizational-methodical, research and consulting objectives of the university, with language skills being a crucial success factor.

Aims & Objectives

The following is a statement of the broad aims of the Languages Department. The individual languages also have specific aims and objectives and these are detailed in individual departmental handbooks.

To provide challenging, motivating and enjoyable language classes to students of all abilities through enthusiastic and systematic teaching, curriculum design and departmental planning.

To provide classes which contribute both to the students’ academic progress and to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

To achieve high standards in language learning, including excellent results in internal and external examinations.

To use and explore a variety of methods of teaching and learning in order to achieve the goals set.

To work as a departmental team for raising the IITU academic standards.

To provide students with opportunities to involve themselves in extracurricular activities which enhance language learning.

To monitor student and departmental progress regularly through regular assessment and analysis of examination data.

To provide all staff members with appropriate opportunities for professional development.

To provide and maintain a wide range of up-to-date departmental resources.

To liaise effectively with other university units in order to enhance  planning, performance, staffing and resources.

The Department goals integrate with those of the university in training specialists  competent in their professional sphere and competitive in the labor market.

The Department is responsible for training the IITU bachelor and master program students in such subjects as Kazakh, Professional Kazakh, Business Kazakh, Russian, Professional Russian, Business Russian, English, Professional English, Business English, IELTS, Academic English/Research Reading and Writing.

In its instructional practices the Department staff members adhere to the basic principles of communicativity, interactivity, learner-centered teaching, promotion of the tripartitite language policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, integration of education and personality development. In our development policy we strive to foster such skills as leadership, team-building, problem-solving, creative and logical thinking.

In doing so we promote real language in real use, enabling the language learner to speak, listen and read in real-life situations.

Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan