Mission of the university

IITU mission is the formation of the intellectual and scientific-technological potential of the country in the ICT sector based on the integration of education, breakthrough innovation technologies and research.


Vision of the university

IITU will become a research university of global rating, training internationally-recognized IT specialists, a center of innovations and research in the sphere of ICT.



The strategic goal of IITU is to make a considerable contribution to the building up of the scientific-technological potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of ICT and by the year 2022 to get rated among the 50 best universities of the country based on the results of its educational, research and innovatory activities.

The University will be among the 3 best technical universities of the country and will gain accreditation from the leading international accreditation centers.


Strategic directions:

1)    Improvement of the educational process

Goal: creation of the academic structure which will enable the university to raise the quality of education and the students’ academic performance.

2)    Development of the university as a leader in the field of ICT innovations and research

Goal: Attain in the future the status of a global research university engaged in generation of new knowledge, its dissemination and implementation through innovational activities.

3)    Development of investment activity, diversification and financial stability of the University

Goal: to achieve a sustainable financial situation to ensure a continuous ongoing development of the University.


- diversifying of the University activities;

- increasing and developing sources of funding.

Quality Assurance Policy


Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan