The University mission: We provide  a unique environment for creativity and personal development!

IITU vision: By 2020 IITU will have joined the top global research universities training certified international IT-specialists through its college-bachelor-master-PhD programs and become a Central-Asian ICT innovation and research center. 

Strategic direction:

Improvement of the educational process

Goal: Establishment and development of the University academic structure, which will improve the effectiveness of teaching quality and students’ performance.


1) formation and development of the tree-level education: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate;

2) promotion of academic freedom;

3) becoming one of the leading universities of the former Soviet Union in ICT;

4) effective interaction with potential employers.


Central Asian leadership in ICT innovation and science

Goal: Achievement of the global research university status in the long term, aiming not only to generate new knowledge, but also its dissemination and implementation through innovation.


1) formation of innovation and research infrastructure;

2) stimulation of innovation and research activities among students and teachers of the University and deepening students’ understanding of core competencies in research and innovation through the relevant practice;

3) involvement of ICT manufacturing companies, including JSC "Holding" Zerde " in the University innovation and research activities;

4) creation and development of scientific and laboratory facilities;

5) formalizing the results of research and development intangible assets (patents, licenses, etc..) and their commercialization;  the University entry to the ICT cluster


Commercialization of University activities

Goal: Achievement of the stable financial condition ensuring the  sustainable development of the University.


1) diversification of the University activities;

2)  increase and development of funding sources.

Key performance indicators:

1) total amount of  received grants from budgetary sources;

2) the annual total income of the University;

3) the share of income from commercial activities in the total income of the University.

Our students - the intellectual elite of Kazakhstan