On April 7, the IITU is going to held the 9th Republican Student Olympiad on the specialty "Information Systems".

The Republican Olympiad will be conducted in 3 disciplines:

"Databases in Information Systems"

"Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming"

"Computer Networks"

The places of the Olympiad’s participants are determined by the sum of the points scored on the theoretical and practical issues of each discipline: one first place, two - second and third - third places.

Documents for participation in the IX Republican Student Olympiad should be sent by March 31, 2017 to the e-mail of IITU: (Tel.: 8 (727) 330-85-66

        Студентам, преподавателям и сотрудникам МУИТ предоставляется возможность записаться на подготовительные курс по SAP: Интеграционный курс SAP TERP10 "Интеграция бизнес-процессов" с последующей сертификацией. 

        Стоимость:  145 евро (оплата за экзамен)

        Примерные сроки прохождения курса: 
                15-29 мая 2017 г. (количество мест ограничено, группы до 24 человек)              

Участник награждается сертификатом после успешной сдачи 3-х часового теста (80 заданий), минимальный проходной бал 51% из 100%.

Для записи на прохождение курса отправьте следующие анкетные данные на e-mail (

   • Полное ФИО на рус.яз.
   • Фамилия и имя на англ. яз.
   • Университет/Кафедра/Место работы (пример: ИСиММ/ТОО «Меломан»)
   • Контактный номер моб. телефона
   • Контактный e-mail

   • Вероятность участия (укажите один из вариантов 200%, 100%, 90%, 50%)

International IT University is a Central Asian leader in training highly skilled, internationally recognized IT experts for the region.

What does IITU student have?

The certificate of Carnegie Mellon University

The certificate of Carnegie Mellon University - internationally recognized document.

Academic mobility

Ability to travel for students exchange and dual degree programs.

International Olympiads

Participation in international Olympiads.

Grants to military department

Grants to military department

100 % employment of graduates

100 % employment of graduates

Bright and active student’s life

Bright and active student’s life.


The international cooperation

International Information Technology University cooperates with local and foreign IT companies and universities. The IITU major educational partner is Сarnegie Mellon University.


500 state grants

In this year 500 government grants for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs were provided to the International Information Technology University.

Material and Technical equipment

University characterized by high technical equipment. The International IT University educational process is provided with the most modern PCs and licensed software.

SAP Laboratory

Academic and certification centre SAP is the only SAP laboratory in Kazakhstan

The Robotics center

International IT University is a center of robotics development. For the first time, on behalf of all Kazakhstan, students of the International IT University successfully presented development of robotics on the international level in Hong Kong in 2012.

Highly qualified teachers

The International IT University has a highly qualified teaching staff fostering free scientific inquiry, fully implementing their intellectual potential in IT.

Innovational area

Our students get not only quality education, they also work in special atmosphere of creative, initiative and continuous search of innovative and modern technologies.

Rector's Welcome

As an innovative higher educational institution, IITU is called upon to meet the national industry needs in top-quality IT experts and thus to promote Kazakhstan’s successful integration into the global economic community.

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"Within the FEZ framework favorable conditions are being created for productive development of higher educational institutions, including the International Information Technologies University, vocational educational institutions, research institutes"
- Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 18, 2003 № 1166 "On Establishment of Information Technologies Park as a Special Economic Zone

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